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1 x Blue Iris
2 x Cacti
1 x A Starry Night
1 x Algae or Marine Plants
2 x A World of Their Own 1
2 x Cala Lily
1 x Beach Survey Hell!
1 x Bruno Teddy Bear in HELLO SAILOR T-shirt
1 x Canes
1 x Calla Lilies I
1 x Blue Jug of Roses
1 x Calm
1 x Cardinal
1 x Big Eye
1 x Chester Teddy Bear in HELLO SAILOR T-shirt
1 x Blue Stripes
1 x Brazilian Forest
1 x Camelias and Red Jug
1 x Banyan & Baobab Tree
1 x St Andrews Bird
2 x Tyres in Ice
1 x Silver from the Museum of Ireland
2 x Bike Reflection
2 x Still Life With Silverware
1 x Still Life With Tray & Still Life With Silverware - Pair
1 x Still Life With Tray
1 x Still Life HMS Warrior's Wardroom
3 x Gold from the Museum of Ireland
2 x Aurora 1
1 x 3 Panel Silk Screen
1 x . Asymmetric Spinnaker
1 x . Cowes Week First Prize
1 x The Late Portland Legion of Volunteers
1 x The Fourth of June on the Thames at Windsor Castle
1 x Jolie Brise Winner of the First Fastnet Race, 1925
1 x Tower House and the Round Tower
1 x Monody on the Death of Nelson
1 x Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson
1 x Twisting
1 x Napoleon Bonaparte Overlooking the Field of Waterloo - ORIGINAL
3 x The Last Moments of the Mary Rose at the Battle of the Solent - POSTER
1 x The Embarkation of Henry VIII at Dover - PRINT
1 x A View of the Town and Harbour of Portsmouth
2 x Badges of The Royal Navy 1935
1 x Battle of the Nile Map
1 x Fleet at Spithead and Gunboats 1856
1 x Alverbank and Gomer Fort
2 x Entrance to Portsmouth Harbour
1 x Allied Ships at Balaklava, Crimean War
1 x Explosion and Fracture of Boom
1 x Five Silver Fishes
1 x Giant Clam 2
1 x Ranunculus and Paperwhites
1 x Monocotyledonous Plants Palms
1 x The Louchest Love
2 x Wild Bunch
1 x Scruffy the Teddy Bear in a ROYAL NAVY-logo HOODY
1 x St Andrews Penguins 2
1 x Approaching Storm
1 x Parrot Fish Mouth
1 x Tree Ferns
1 x Fruit Trees
1 x Early Spring Roses
1 x Tulips and Some Lilies
1 x End at Kedpt
1 x Spring Light
1 x Eggs
1 x Summer Light
1 x Medicinal Plants 1
1 x Fungi
2 x [PARRY] Strata Plate
1 x HMS Dreadnought - PRINT
1 x _ Riley Double 12 Racer
1 x Historic Tudor Football Painting – April 1, 1545
1 x Departure of the Baltic Fleet from Spithead
1 x The Late Portland Legion of Volunteers
1 x Trafalgar Battle Plan