No 1029

No 1029

Original textile

590 x 1370 mm

Margaret creates her work to share beauty inspired by the rhythm and pattern in nature. The making of the work, the actual stitching is a calm and contemplative process. She wants some of the peace achieves when creating the work to find its way to the viewer and so into their spirit. It is something to gaze at and get lost in, one can look at it after many lookings and see something new.

Viewing the work is an active rather than a passive process; it's an element in creating the work. The works have no names simply random numbers because although she was thinking of something when she created the work she does not want to impose that on you. Margaret's journey to becoming a textile artist has taken a long way round. As a child she learnt traditional sewing skills from her mother and grandmother. Growing up she trained as a medical scientist and a computer programmer. She eventually returned to her love of textiles and studied for a degree in Embroidery. Her work may be very different now from the days spent staring down a microscope but it is, as it was then, an exploration of rhythm and pattern. Since graduating she has continued to develop her work from a studio in Salford. She also runs workshops and work to commission developing others' ideas and bringing them to fruition.

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