Original acrylic on canvas

160 x 160 mm

Julian Bond featured some years ago in the British BBC2 TV series Painters, and for 10 years was Head of the well-regarded Art & Design Department at South Downs Further Education College, Waterlooville, Hampshire. He is a skilled printmaker, his oils, acrylics and watercolours have been very widely exhibited and collected, and he has substantial experience in public and community art projects, installations and workshops in London, Dublin and Birmingham as well as Portsmouth. One ongoing Bond workshop is entitled "Art for the Terrified".

Julian now lives near Petersfield in Hampshire and in 2004-2005 was Artist in Residence at Artists Harbour when our gallery first opened.

The role allowed Julian to revisit his many family connections with the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the British armed forces. He is the grandson of a Portsmouth Dockyard clerk, the great-grand-nephew of an admiral who ran another British naval dockyard, and the son of probably the only British Army officer who worked on Monty’s staff for D-Day and become a General after receiving a personal letter of thanks from Adolf Hitler (that’s another story)!

"I believe it is vital that artists and art lovers get more opportunities to talk about art, whether it’s the latest controversy, the next big thing or simply questions of technique,” says Julian. “Too many opinions on art are generated by headlines in the national press rather than by personal connections to art itself."

Some years ago BP commissioned Julian Bond to paint a piece which they gave as a present to one of the world’s wealthiest men, the oil-rich Sultan of Brunei. Julian’s works are in the British Print Collection, the collections of many leading companies including Lloyds TSB, MBNA, Institute of Directors, BP, BOC, Kenwood and Rank Xerox, the British Embassy in Athens and schools, university and museum collections.

Bond has won Southern Arts Awards and a Millennium Earthwatch Award. He has given more than 30 solo exhibitions in 35 years at various galleries in London, Hampshire and elsewhere, and as far afield as Germany, as well as in many group and mixed exhibitions across the UK and in Athens and Los Angeles.

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