The Three Js

The Three Js

Limited edition litho print. Edition of 850.

Each print signed by the artist.

Supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

Size: 600 x 450 mm


Racing for the Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy, the J Class Yachts Velsheda,, Endeavour and Shamrock V are pictured racing in the J Class Regatta on Christchurch Bay, Dorset, August 10th-12th, 2001, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the America’s Cup.

This was the first time the J Class had raced in UK waters for over 65 years.

Marine Artist Rodney Charman was on a support vessel for the J-Class Yachts. This enabled him to experience the action close up and in turn produce the original oil painting from which this fine art print has been faithfully reproduced.

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