Spinnaker Tower and SB Kitty

Spinnaker Tower and SB Kitty

Original acrylic on canvas

770 x 1240 mm

Carolyn has an artistic career which combines a university professorship, professional theatre design and fine art painting. She has taught color theory (pigment and light), rendering, painting, scene and costume design, decorative arts and the history of ancient theatre.

"My work is inspired by a passionate interest in travel that developed along with my theatre design and architecture background." Carolyn has travelled extensively in the United States, Europe and the Middle East to undertake research in art and architecture for use in design work, painting and teaching. "Painting on location allows me to capture the spirit, in vibrant color and light, of the subject. My paintings are a series of dynamic moments."

Her exhibition/production record spans over 250 regional theatre design productions as well as solo and group exhibitions in America and Europe. She regards color and light as the dynamic components of her painting.

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