Original acrylic on canvas

405 x 305 mm

Jon is one of those people who can be described as "having a beady mind"… he can find the bizarre in the mundane, the amusing in the boring routine.

Jon, 49, was born in Windsor. "I spent virtually my entire childhood drawing things when I should have been doing other things," he says. It seemed somehow inevitable that he should become an artist, so he enrolled at Reigate School of Art and Design, "where I spent my time doing other things when I should have been drawing things".

Then he fell into a career as a freelance illustrator (he hates the word 'cartoonist') and designer. Today, Jon is still a freelance ("some people never grow up") and has illustrated and designed for many famous brand names.

He works in a huge variety of media, both traditional and hi-tech.

Jon tends to worry his partner by relating the dreadful puns that come to him in his sleep.

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