Fleet Review 1912, Spithead viewed from Spitbank Fort

Fleet Review 1912, Spithead viewed from Spitbank Fort


  • LARGE: 610mm wide x 820mm high - price £80 including VAT.

Reproduction as a large poster of the front cover illustration from...

" Official Programme of the Great Naval Review - Spithead, July 1912 - [price] 6d [5p]

The dramatic pre-World War I illustration shows two RN seamen manning a naval gun mounted on Spit Fort (today, Spitbank Fort] and looking down a fleet review of at least 16 great warships steaming past within view, from the scores of major vessles which were to take part. Other specialist vessels, including an early submarine, are in the foreground, and overhead two early warplanes are flying - one a biplane, the other a monoplane.

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