The Gieve's Silhouettes - SET OF THREE

The Gieve\'s Silhouettes - SET OF THREE

Open edition print, monochrome

400 x 305 mm

For many generations of naval men, serving and retired, these three silhouettes - Grog, Defaulters and Sunday Rounds - were great favourites and were as familiar as were the immaculately dressed Representatives of the Naval Outfitters Messrs Gieves Limited (Established 1785) whose premises, together with the White Ensign, were to be found in RN bases across the globe from Wei Hai Wei in China to Bermuda and the Falkland Islands.

“Growing with the Fleet” was always Gieves’ proud – and achieved – boast and to those in the post WWII Royal Navy who remember the impeccably managed No 2, The Hard, Portsmouth, just outside the main dockyard gates, the following verse merely reinforces the legendary importance that Gieves achieved within the Royal Navy: Some talk of Alexander – And some of Dudley Pound – Of Cunningham and Harwood – And other names renowned – But the man who runs the Navy – And keeps the Fleet afloat – Is Gieve of Piccadilly – And Bond Street, too, please note”.

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