The Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes

The Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes

Limited edition print from an original etching, signed. Edition size: 250

376 x 120 mm

The sheer detail Wyllie has achieved in this etching is breathtaking: there is a forest of tall masts all the way up the River Medina towards the town centre and closer inspection reveals dozens more expensively cut sails over towards East Cowes and one or two J Class yachts creaming westwards across the harbour mouth. Wyllie has certainly succeeded in capturing the bustle and excitement that is still to this day the essence of Cowes during the big race events. Details of landmarks on the waterfront have clearly changed over the years but unmistakable in the background and basking in its commanding position in every sense of the word, sits the castle and ramparts of the Royal Yacht Squadron, the white ensign proudly flying from its flagstaff’s gaff.

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