The Battle of Trafalgar - 2.30 PM

The Battle of Trafalgar - 2.30 PM

Limited edition print from an original oil on canvas. Edition size: 750

  • MEDIUM PAPER: 686 x 373 mm
  • MEDIUM CANVAS: 1140 x 620 mm
  • LARGE CANVAS: 2134 x 1168 mm

One of the definitive paintings of the battle and known throughout the world, WL Wyllie’s “2.30 pm”, an oil on canvas measuring 9 x 5 feet (3.54 x 1.96 m) belongs to, and hangs in,,Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth (BRNC) in Devon, England. As directed by BRNC, Maritime Prints & Originals has undertaken to produce a limited edition run on canvas and card, the total together restricted to a maximum of 750 copies worldwide. The canvas oleographs are printed by a refinement of the the giclee method and are supplied varnished by hand and merely rolled. Those on card are printed by lithographic offset.

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