HMS Lion and HMS Princess Royal - The Battlecruiser's Lair - Beatty's Ship off Edinburgh

HMS Lion and HMS Princess Royal - The Battlecruiser\'s Lair - Beatty\'s Ship off Edinburgh

Limited edition print from an original etching. Edition size: 49

460 x 180 mm

Whilst the dreadnought battleships of the Grand Fleet, together with their escorting squadrons, were based at Scapa Flow during the majority of the Great War, the Battle Cruiser Force was moved down to the Firth of Forth. This etching which depicts the scene around 1915/1916 shows HMS LION (Captain Ernle Chatfield CVO RN), wearing the flag of Vice Admiral Sir David Beatty KCB MVO DSO, with two other ships of the 1st Battle Cruiser Squadron in company, HMS PRINCESS ROYAL (Captain Walter Cowan MVO DSO RN) and one other Big Cat. Astern of LION in this beautifully executed etching (Edinburgh in the background is especially detailed) is a battleship of the King Edward VII class.

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