. Albatross

. Albatross

DAME ELLEN MacArthur pictured with the Royal Ocean Racing Club trophy commissioned from John Mellows to mark her record-breaking solo exploits as a young round-the-world racer.

The trophy is a big, beautiful stainless steel sculpture entitled “Albatross Circling the Globe”. It was designed and made by John Mellows, an English sailor who supplies premium yachting trophies for many prestigious races and regattas.

With a one-metre wingspan, the stunning artwork was created when the RORC asked John for a piece to celebrate both Ellen’s iron-willed round-the-world triumph, and her interest in saving that great global icon of the skies, the endangered albatross.

John has based a limited number of new great albatross works on the original he made for Dame Ellen, each one a unique original in its own right and just as impressive. The differences between each succeeding iteration of ”Albatross and Globe” (as these are called) depend simply on how the creative mood takes John while he makes them.

At Artists Harbour we have sold several of these great albatross sculptures internationally, but they still number less than 10, worldwide. Our albatross clients include a Saudi Navy admiral, and a New York chief executive with several John Mellows pieces among the furnishings of a magnificent holiday home overlooking Miami Beach. Another albatross went out to Australia.

John is a passionate sailor and worked for many years as an engineer before combining his professional skills with his love of boats to produce stunning sculptures and trophies for the yachting world.

Going down the artistic track dates back to one day’s successful racing, when John had a revelation as he asked himself: “shouldn’t winning a yacht race get you a better prize than this boring, ugly trophy?”. He resolved to combine his talents, and started producing his world-class sailing silverware, usually in flowing, sometimes abstract, boat lines.

John works almost exclusively in polished stainless steel, a familiar material that combines the grace and elegance of boats under sail with crisp, clean lines and a highly reflective surface.

The bright silver stainless steel is also maintenance free as it never rusts or discolours (unlike silver) and never needs more than a rub with a soft cloth to keep its sparkling looks in the trophy cabinet or as a room centrepiece.

John’s sculptures are much sought after both as artworks and as trophies. They have been presented at many prestigious yachting events, including The Young sailor of the Year Awards and the IPC yachting media awards presented by Princess Anne, the Princess Royal.

John has also produced many trophies for Cowes Week and other regattas such as the World Six Metre Championships, as well as the Musto Trophy for Seamanship, awarded at the end of each leg of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Please note:

1.This original piece of world-class sailing silverware is hand-made by the sculptor and therefore may vary slightly in size and shape from the item shown and described here; surfaces are polished but may show sculptor's working marks, welds, etc.

2.This item is usually in stock; if not it will be hand-made especially for you, usually within two weeks.

3.We can also help you commission special paintings or sculptures in steel, clay, frost-free ceramics or wood, based on boats, ships, sea birds, etc. -- please talk to us about your requirements via info@artistsharbour.com .

4.The price above includes an additional £125 for standard UK insured, secure delivery, above the shipping charge added at the checkout. This does not cover the full cost of rapid delivery, or delivery outside the UK, so in these cases we will contact you before confirming your order to retrieve any further shipping costs that may need to be incurred; at this point you will of course have the right to cancel your order if you so wish and receive an immediate refund.


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