. Top Sail Schooner

. Top Sail Schooner

Original stainless steel sculpture

800mm high x 800 x 250mm

Please note:

1.This original piece of world-class sailing silverware is hand-made by the sculptor and therefore may vary slightly in size and shape from the item shown and described here; surfaces are polished but may show sculptor's working marks, welds, etc.

2.This item is usually in stock; if not it will be hand-made especially for you, usually within two weeks.

3.We can also help you commission special sculptures or paintings based on boats and ships -- please talk to us about your requirements via info@artistsharbour.com .

4.The price above includes an additional £85 for standard UK insured, secure delivery, above the shipping charge added at the checkout. This does not cover the full cost of rapid delivery, or delivery outside the UK, so in these cases we will contact you before confirming your order to retrieve any further shipping costs that may need to be incurred; at this point you will of course have the right to cancel your order if you so wish and receive an immediate refund.

Pictured: Dame Ellen MacArthur with the fabulous John Mellows-designed trophy Albatross Circling the Globe presented by the Royal Ocean Racing Club in recognition of her record-breaking exploits as a young, solo-round-the-world racer.

John Mellows has produced the trophies for the 6 Metre Sailing World Championships and England's famous Cowes Week regatta, among many other sailing competitions. He has been a passionate sailor since boyhood and worked for many years as an engineer before combining his professional skills with his love of boats to produce stunning sculptures and trophies for the yachting world.

Basically, John had a 'eureka' moment after one particular hard and successful day's sailing... he suddenly asked himself "why does this beautiful, upmarket sport usually give its winners such rubbish trophies?" He was inspired to create something better, and his sculptures are the result.

John works almost exclusively in polished stainless steel, a material he became familiar with in his earlier career. This choice of material combines the grace and elegance of boats under sail with the crisp, clean lines of steel highly reflective of its surroundings. It is also very low-maintenance as it never rusts or discolours and only needs a very occasional rub with a clean cloth to keep its shine in the trophy cabinet.

John’s sculptures have been presented at many prestigious yachting events, including The Young Sailor of the Year Awards and the IPC yachting media awards presented by Princess Anne, the Princess Royal. He has also produced the Musto Trophy for Seamanship awarded at the end of each leg of the Volvo Ocean Race.

His work is much sought after and is now in collections all over the world including the United States, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

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