1935 Fleet Review Illustrated London News

1935 Fleet Review Illustrated London News

Open edition reproduction print of an original monochrome illustration.

755 x 305 mm

A monochrome illustration showing from a seagull's perspective the King's review of a mighty fleet of around 200 ships, anchored in lines receding to the horizon, blanketing the Solent from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight. Warships include HMSs NELSON, RODNEY, BARHAM, VALIANT, QUEEN ELIZABETH, ROYAL SOVEREIGN, IRON DUKE, HOOD, RAMILLIES, EFFINGHAM, HAWKINS, COURAGEOUS, FURIOUS, HMAS AUSTRALIA, ships of the Indian Navy and the merchant navy, cruiser, submarine and destroyer flotillas and squadrons, and more - a magnificent pageant. Annotated underneath with the ships' names, as originally printed in a special supplement to The Illustrated London News on July 20, 1935. As the Review took place on July 16, this work was a prodigious feat of illustration by noted naval artist C.E. Turner.

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