HM Ships Victory and Nelson, Portsmouth Harbour

HM Ships Victory and Nelson, Portsmouth Harbour

Limited edition print from an original etching. Edition size: 49

320 x 190 mm

Another little known etching by Langmaid, this one portrays a pleasant afternoon or evening in Portsmouth Dockyard and two ships bearing famous names which will be forever linked together –VICTORY and NELSON.

The former was moved into No1 dock in January 1922 where she remains to this day, a commissioned ship of the Royal Navy, flagship of the senior admiral in Portsmouth and arguably the most famous warship in the world. Lying alongside in the stream is the battleship HMS NELSON wearing the flag of the Commander-in-Chief Home Fleet. Mounting a main armament battery of nine 16 inch guns she and her sister RODNEY gave stirling, if unglamorous, service both in the period between the wars and in the 2nd World War itself in which they both gave an excellent account of themselves. Both ships were scrapped in the years immediately following this war.

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