First Light, San Carlos Water

First Light, San Carlos Water

Limited edition print from an original oil. Edition size: 99

300 x 225 mm

The liner CANBERRA lies quietly at anchor, half-way down the confined spaces of San Carlos Water. Having successfully discharged half of her embarked assault force (40 Cdo RM, into ‘Blue Beach’ - the San Carlos Settlement area) she now holds 42 Cdo RM in reserve as the Brigade’s helicopters begin the process of lifting Rapier missile units, 105 mm Light Guns - and all the associated combat supplies - into position on the high ground surrounding the anchorage. Just before sunrise, the artist has caught this moment perfectly as an armed Gazelle of 3 Commando Brigade’s Air Sqn scouts forward for a load-lifting Sea King 4 of 846 Naval Air Squadron. Two Gazelles and three of their four crewmen were lost on this day.

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