Fleet Review 1887 - The Golden Jubille Review of Queen Victoria

Fleet Review 1887 - The Golden Jubille Review of Queen Victoria

Limited edition print from an original watercolour. Edition size: 25

560 x 210 mm

Celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of the ageing Queen Victoria were concluded by a Naval Review. This watercolour captures as only de Martino can, the excitement, bustle, movement and sheer majesty of this great maritime event. Widely admired for his abilities and appointed Marine Painter to the Royal Yacht Squadron early in 1894, de Martino was subsequently appointed Marine Painter in Ordinary to the Queen later that year. Much patronised by the British Royal family and many other eminent families of the day, he died in London in 1912 whilst delivering a painting commissioned by a member of the Royal Family. Each print is accompanied by a copy of the small pencil sketch that the artist made of the event.

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