HMS Warspite in action at Jutland, 31st May 1916

HMS Warspite in action at Jutland, 31st May 1916

Limited edition print from an original watercolour. Edition size: 150

490 x 320 mm

One of a pair, this shows the 5th Battle Squadron and WARSPITE at about 1800 on 31 May in the race to the north whilst engaging the High Seas Fleet to the south east. A lowering, sultry sky with patchy visibility and heavy with gun and funnel smoke, the painting is charged with atmosphere. WARSPITE (Captain E M Phillpotts RN) is sporting 3 large battle ensigns and following an earlier hit was shortly to suffer a steering gear failure which led to her coming under renewed and very heavy fire as Not Under Command, she lurched towards the HSF. Bevan was a contemporary of W.L. Wyllie with whom he jointly illustrated books: he too was a well known marine artist of his day.

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