No. 7 Mr B. Promoted to Lieutenant

No. 7 Mr B. Promoted to Lieutenant

Giclee print from an original Victorian engraving, hand-watercoloured

from The Sailors Progress series comprising a Frontispiece and eight naval cartoons

290 x 218mm


George Cruikshank (1792-1878), was a noted cartoonist with a biting line in sarcasm and political satire. He was also the first illustrator of Oliver Twist, one of the greatest novels penned by his close friend, Charles Dickens, with such memorable pictures as 'Oliver Asking For More', and 'Fagin In The Condemned Cell'. Their friendship ended when, later in life, the cartoonist became a passionate advocate for the temperance movement while Dickens remained opposed. Cruikshank was considered a great enough artist to be exhumed from his original burial place in order to be re-buried in St Paul's Cathedral, London.

Wikipedia notes that "Cruikshank's work included a personification of England named John Bull who was developed from about 1790 in conjunction with other British satirical artists such as James Gillray, and Thomas Rowlandson." Gilray was one of his major influences and Cruikshank eventually replaced him as England's most popular satirist.


Cruikshank's series of 8 naval-themed cartoons lampoon prominent figures in military and political life. The cartoons, each labelled with a Plate number from No.1 to No.8, chronicle the career in the Royal Navy of Master Blockhead, who starts as a Midshipman. Our reproduction prints of the series were taken from original Victorian engraved editions and watercoloured for us by a skilled artist. The colours used were based on the colours in a set of the same cartoons in the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth, England. Our prints are reproduced by the giclee process using long-life archival quality materials.

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