HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior

Signed lithograph print from an original watercolour

490 x 600mm

Before the HMS Warrior was restored to her full glory and installed as one of the great attractions of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on the south coast, she was sent to Hartlepool for complete renovation. While there, local artist John Wigston virtually had her to himself as an artist.

John is a maritime artist of some distinction. A dozen of his paintings were hung in the QE2 ocean liner. He painted a series of fine pictures of HMS Warrior and the men who served in her working below decks.

HMS Warrior is a naval icon - the first ironclad, propeller-and-sail driven warship. When she was built she was the greatest warship in the world, impervious to the firepower of all other warships. She revolutionised naval warfare, was the ultimate weapon of the mid-19th Century and formed the blueprint for the great dreadnoughts that followed and whose great grey steel successors dominated war at sea throughout the 20th century.

John Wigston’s picture of HMS Warrior remains one of the best of many we have seen at Artists Harbour.

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