Moorings at Cowes

Moorings at Cowes

Limited edition giclee print

540 x 380mm

Martin was born on the Isle of Wight but studied environmental sciences, philosophy and religious studies at university in both Ireland and Wales before returning to the Island. Headed for a career in academia he turned instead to his passion of drawing and painting. He quickly gained a reputation as an accomplished landscape painter before setting his sights on marine subjects. He is now gaining increasing recognition as one of this country’s fine marine artists. Inspired by his native surroundings on the Isle of Wight, Martin is particularly interested in the history of the Solent and the great yachts of the inter war years. His watercolour paintings, with their mellow colours create gentle atmospheres whilst still capturing the thrill and excitement of yacht racing.

In 2003 Martin was elected an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists and now regularly exhibits with them at the Mall galleries in London. He has exhibited extensively along the south coast and London and his work hangs in collections all over the world.

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