HMS Victory off Semaphore Tower alongside HM Troopship Serapis - PRINT

HMS Victory off Semaphore Tower alongside  HM Troopship Serapis  - PRINT

Print from a late 19th Century chromolithograph

  • SMALL: 210 x 255mm
  • MEDIUM: 280 x 340 mm
  • LARGE: 470 x 570 mm
  • EXTRA LARGE: 560 x 680 mm

HMS Victory is shown at anchor off the Semaphore Tower landmark in Portsmouth Harbour with HM Troopship Serapis alongside the jetty.

Built about 1860, Serapis was one of five ships built on behalf of the Indian Government specifically as troop carriers – her sister ships were Crocodile, Euphrates, Jumna and Malabar, all built narrow for passage through the Suez Canal, and designed to carry a full battalion of infantry with its married families – about 1,200 people.

The Star of India was emblazoned in gold on the bows of all five troopships.

About the artist

William Edward Atkins (1842-1910) was born in Portsmouth, the youngest of four sons and a daughter. Their father was George Henry Atkins (1811-1872), artist and organist at St. Ann's Chapel in Portsmouth Naval Base.

W.E. Atkins was a naval correspondent and marine artist to the Graphic. The only one of the sons to become a professional artist, his output was prodigious and his watercolours can be found in the Royal Naval Museum, the National Maritime Museum and the Portsmouth City Museum & Art Gallery.

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