Birds Eye View of Portsmouth - MEDIUM

Birds Eye View of Portsmouth - MEDIUM

Giclee print reproduction of an engraved then hand-watercoloured print taken from an original drawing dated 1898.

830mm wide x 285mm

This magnificent work of art was engraved and published in the illustrated London magazine, The Graphic, a forerunner of the later photo-based pictorial newspapers and magazines.

It includes fabulously detailed line work and an enormous range of visual details such as, for instance, the railway line extension and turntable, called the St Vincent Swing Bridge, which took Queen Victoria's train straight to the Royal yacht waiting to carry her, Prince Albert and their children to their family retreat at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, just across the Solent.

There are labels around the edge of the print to indicate names of places such as Osborne House, Cowes, boats etc. which really add to the interest of the print especially when comparing it to a present day view of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent.

There are no records on how the artist managed to make such an accurate drawing with no higher vantage point to work from, unless he went up in a balloon, although some people think he used his fertile imagination, ground-level sketches and fantastic skills in drawing and perspective.

H.W. Brewer was famous for such wonderfully detailed prints of places all over Britain. His collaborator on some of these was the even more famous Portsmouth and London-based maritime artist, William L. Wyllie RA.


Because of its large, thin, flat size and fragile nature, the MOUNTED versions of this print cannot safely be shipped to you and are offered only if you can collect from us or another address in Portsmouth and Southsea. Sending it mounted seems to prove irresistible to delivery people in terms of denting, folding and bashing it!

Unmounted versions can safely be delivered anywhere.

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