HMS Victory 1805 - PRINT

HMS Victory 1805 - PRINT

Giclee print from an original sketch in pen, ink, watercolour and chalk

140 x 184mm

This elegant and sensitive portrait of HMS Victory in 1805 was executed by A.B. Cull in 1905 to celebrate the centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar. The great ship was sketched in pen and ink and a watercolour wash, with white highlights in chalk.

Alma Burlton Cull (1880-1931) was a contemporary of W.L. Wyllie RA - they died in the same year - but pictures by Cull are much rarer than those by the prolific Wyllie. Many of Cull's works were destroyed in 1940 when an air raid hit his studio in Portsmouth. A maritime flavour pervaded most of Cull's varied subject matter and he was considered to rank just below Wyllie himself as the maritime masters of their day. Cull's delicate skies and translucent seas were highly regarded. He was an exhibitor at the Royal Academy and King Edward VII was one of many prominent people to commission his paintings.

Cull paintings that do survive are eagerly sought after and are rapidly snapped up when they occasionally appear at auction from private collections. The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich has most of the surviving works.

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