HMS Victory in Battle - PRINT - LARGE

HMS Victory in Battle - PRINT - LARGE

Open edition giclee print from an original oil painting

LARGE PRINT size 450mm x 450mm

ALSO AVAILABLE AS A SMALL PRINT 295mm x 295 mm - PRICE £41.70 without VAT sales tax (£50 inc. VAT sales tax)

Please email info@artistsharbour to order the small print

Chris was born in Suffolk in 1952. He studied at Ipswich School of Art followed by a post graduate year at Wimbledon School of Art. This led to working as a graphic designer in central London, running a successful yacht chandlery and working freelance as a fine artist and illustrator. He has taught fine art in a number of colleges and institutions and currently teaches full time at St Vincent College in Gosport. His work is multi-disciplinary, often biographical and reflects his varied interests. Drawing is central to his practice, as are the relationship of line and form.

Chris is passionate about the sea and this is a recurring theme in both his two and three-dimensional work.

He has been a member of Art Space, Portsmouth for the last ten years and has exhibited painting and sculpture both in his native East Anglia and along the South coast.

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