Southsea Castle Lighthouse - ORIGINAL

Southsea Castle Lighthouse - ORIGINAL

Original painting, acrylic on canvas

790mm x 945mm

Peter Heard is probably the UK's finest and most prolific painter of lighthouses today and is a leader of the British naïve-modern school with Beryl Cook and Martin Leman. His work is internationally acclaimed and he has a string of celebrity clients. Jackie Collins and Nick Mason, drummer of the legendary band Pink Floyd, were two collectors from Peter's five hugely successful solo exhibitions at the famous Portal Gallery in London's Bond Street, a leading gallery of the naïve genre.

A Chartered Civil Engineer by profession, Peter began painting in the early 1970s. Apart from golf he has spent most of his spare time ever since on an almost full-time second career in art. Following early retirement, a holiday on the lighthouse-strewn barrier islands of North Carolina’s Outer Banks proved to be a life-changing experience for the engineer-artist. Several dozen British, American, Canadian and Irish lighthouse paintings followed over six years and they premiered as a collection at Artists Harbour Gallery in 2004. Peter says that his preceding 25 years of painting served only as an apprenticeship for this artistic achievement.

This original was commissioned in 2004 to mark the opening of Artists Harbour Art Gallery in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, near the local landmark of Southsea Castle, with its lighthouse.

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