Arctic Convoy 1941-5

Arctic Convoy 1941-5

Original mixed media painting (predominantly watercolour)

503 x 409 mm

From 1941 to 1945 America, Britain and their allies supplied huge quantities of war supplies to the Soviet Union. Some of this went by the Arctic Convoys from Iceland to Northern Russia and around German occupied Norway. In the teeth of often dreadful weather and far from home the convoys battled heroically against the ships and submarines of the German Kriegsmarine and the planes of the Luftwaffe. Despite grievous losses the convoys kept going and helped ensure the defeat of Nazi Germany.

This painting, which references the lost ships and submarines of both sides, is intended as a personal memorial to the terrible destruction and waste of this war. The smoke of the ships is made of the names of people and ships who were lost during the conflict.

The colours have been chosen to evoke the cold of the Arctic seas and the names of the vessels symbolises the waste.

Another painting, currently in preparation, commemorates the Allied merchant seamen whose largely forgotten heroism and sacrifice in the most difficult conditions helped ensure that the tide of war was turned against the Nazi regime.

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