The Embarkation of Henry VIII at Dover - PRINT

The Embarkation of Henry VIII at Dover - PRINT

Hand-coloured print on hand-made paper

The print above from a fabulous 16th Century painting of the warship Mary Rose and some of the most important warships in Henry VIII’s early navy was made in the 18th Century, probably by copying the original oil painting that now belongs to Her Majesty The Queen and hangs at Hampton Court Palace near London - the image below is the original.

We say "probably", because another original oil of the same scene exists and is on display at Leeds Castle in Kent.

Whether print or original, tThe Embarkation of Henry VIII at Dover, shows the Mary Rose and her sister warship the Great Harry with other ships in 1520 as Henry VIII set sail with a retinue of 6,000 for the "Field of the Cloth of Gold" meeting with King Francis I of France – they had signed a peace treaty in 1518.

Almost the first act of Henry's reign had been to order the building of the Mary Rose, a revolutionary warship – the first with gunports in her sides to allow broadsides to be fired. Henry was a dashing prince who as king became known as "the father of the Royal Navy".

We can’t sell you the Queen’s picture of The Embarkation of Henry VIII at Dover from Hampton Court, but we can sell you Artists Harbour's magnificent print.

It measures 1240 x 658 mm and is printed on glorious hand-made paper with special Belgian inks using engraved plates made c.1780 by the famous team of artist Samuel Grimm and engraver James Basire. The result has then been superbly hand-coloured and leaps out at the viewer with a luminous beauty - you have to see it to appreciate just how good a print it is... not bad for plates around240 yearsd old!

The magnificent original oil is one of the stars of this summer’s Young Henry VIII exhibition at Hampton Court Palace, which was the Tudor King’s most famous residence. The exhibition brings together a series of important Tudor paintings (including the Field of the Cloth of Gold alongside audiovisual displays, interactive touch screens and historic quotes.

The Embarkation at Dover. By an unknown artist, c.1545
The Royal Collection 2007, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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