Titanic's Majestic Bow

Titanic\'s Majestic Bow

Limited edition print on canvas

610 x 455 mm

Titanic is without a doubt the most famous shipwreck in the world stirring the imaginations of people of all ages. At a depth of over two and a half miles under the Atlantic only a select few will ever get the chance to witness its awesome grandeur and Rob Goldsmith is one of those few. He won the chance to visit the Titanic through a competition run by The History Channel in May 2005.

Titanic's Majestic Bow illustrates the full beauty of one of the most famous parts of the ship with the colours of the rusting ship illuminated by the glow of the submersible Mir2. Titanic’s Ghostly Bow shows a rarely seen angle of the bow looking forward. The centre anchor, crane, railings and huge anchor chains are visible.

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