King Edward VII Class Battleships at Sheerness C.1907

King Edward VII Class Battleships at Sheerness C.1907

Limited edition print from an original watercolour. Edition size: 150

460 x 260 mm

Bevan's painting shows 4 of these attractive ships anchored off Sheerness, Kent in 1907. KING EDWARD VII (Captain Henry Pelly MVO RN) was Channel Fleet Flagship of the legendary Vice Admiral The Right Hon Lord Charles Beresford GCVO KCB. Close examination of the Channel Fleet programme for the period suggests that the other ships painted here are BRITANNIA (Captain R M Ommanney RN), HINDUSTAN (Captain The Hon Alexander Bethell CMG ADC RN) and NEW ZEALAND (Captain E G Shortland RN ), though precisely which ship is which cannot be ascertained because Bevan has declined to paint in the distinguishing funnel bands that each ship of the class wore. Bevan was a contemporary of W.L. Wyllie with whom he jointly illustrated books, Sea Fights of The Great War published in 1918 being perhaps the best known of these joint ventures.

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