Types of British Warships as they were in 1910 and as they are in 1935

Types of British Warships as they were in 1910 and as they are in 1935

Open edition giclee print

300 x 400 mm

Types of British Warships as they were in 1910 and as they are in 1935 by C.E. Turner, is one of a matching pair of illustrations from a book published just before World War II.

These gems of naval illustration are often often sold together.

The other picture in the pair, which is just as beautifully done, is Peculiar Types of British Warships Brought Into Being By The Great War" [ i.e., World War I ]. You can see it by clicking on Turner's name at the top of this screen to see a complete list of his works in our catalogue.

Both of these multi-warship illustrations were compiled from numerous original paintings by Turner, and both of the illustrations are splendidly framed among illustrations of Royal and naval devices.

The types of ships shown in this illustration and the actual warships portraying them are --

  • BATTLESHIPS 1910: HMS Dreadnought. 1935 HMS Nelson.
  • CRUISER 1910: HMS Boadicea. 1935: HMS Exeter.
  • BATTLE CRUISER 1910:HMS Indomitable.
  • AIRCRAFT CARRIER 1935: HMS Courageous -- complete with several biplanes flying above her.
  • SUBMARINE 1910: D.4. 1935: HMS Swordfish.
  • TORPEDO BOAT 1910: Viking.
  • DESTROYER 1935: HMS Daring.
  • Even an ADMIRAL's BARGE from each era is shown.
  • Charles Eddows Turner was a leading marine painter and illustrator whose work was seen on a very wide scale through such newspapers as The Illustrated London News, who commissioned Turner to illustrate great naval pageants like the King's Reviews of the Fleet off Spithead (Portsmouth).

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