Spinnaker & Main Sail - POSTER

Spinnaker & Main Sail - POSTER

Poster from the original painting by Chris Wood. Print also available

  • MEDIUM: 464 x 610mm
  • LARGE: 610 x 840 mm

Chris Wood grew up drawing and sailing, and intended to be either a furniture-designer or architect. In the end, a love of landscapes lured him into painting which, with the sea, remains his passion. He is a multi-disciplinary artist, however, also working in sculpture, printmaking and new media. His work often features nudes, seascapes or boats. Chris has worked in advertising, book and magazine illustration, yacht chandlery and graphic design. He teaches art -- including to the life inmates at Kingston prison.

Chris completed much of the painting in the gallery while acting as artist in residence during the race stopover in Portsmouth. It has been a real pleasure to watch the painting grow and develop and we are thrilled to be able to offer reproduction giclee prints to our customers.

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