Was It Ever

Was It Ever

Original oil on canvas

410 x 310 mm

Mo was born and raised in the beautiful National Park area of the Hambleton Hills in North Yorkshire and is now a full time professional artist working from Art-E Studios in the Midlands. Work is undertaken for private commissions and galleries as well as for large public spaces worldwide. The work is predominantly oil on canvas, however, the location and environment for a particular commission may suggest an alternative set of criteria, which is always taken into consideration. Mo's work is to be found in corporate and private collections worldwide.

"The landscape, sea, elements, and childhood memories feature strongly as a point of reference for my work. I endeavour to recapture the emotional response of a particular place or experience, not creating a topographical likeness, but exploring the inspiring reality of the situation. My work is primarily concerned with creating a sense of place and the desire to depict the spirit of a particular instant before it is gone. The fusing of past to present brings fear and excitement of an ever changing environment that kindles the passion for my painting".

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