Preparing for Sea

Preparing for Sea

Open edition giclee print from an original oil on canvas

440 x 305 mm

Peter Richardson has family ties in Southsea, so local subjects often appear in his work. He was born in India and brought up in the Channel Islands but ended up at Croydon School of Art before a career in advertising, publicity and marketing. He started work in industry but switched to the movie business with the Rank Organisation until retiring at 55. And all that time he spent many of his leisure hours painting, "with a bit of exhibiting and selling".

He and his wife ran a picture framing and art gallery business in North Hampshire for 20 years but since 1998 he has been a full time artist, concentrating on landscapes and portraiture in all media, apart from considerable ongoing picture restoration work for the Army.

Peter has exhibited widely in the Home Counties and in The Mall Galleries, London. "I try to give an impression of what something looks like, but not delineate it. I use Edward Seago as a model for a lot of what I do," he said.

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