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Your rights to return goods are protected under the EU Distance Selling Directive which can be found at
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Product descriptions

If size is critical, please ask us to confirm the exact size of an item before placing your order.

Sizes quoted on the website are a close approximation in good faith, but may vary from the actual product by plus or minus 5%. This is because variations can occur due to the physical differences of the items we handle, who measures it, and the instrument used to measure. For example, measuring a sculpture would probably involve a tape measure and sometimes involve measuring space of more than one person’s arm spans or more than the length of one tape, compared to a picture being measured with a steel ruler and a framed picture probably being measured with a tape.

Sizes will be quoted in millimetres ("mm") OR metres-plus-millimetres (e.g., 3m44mm or 3.44m).
The first size quoted will usually be width, the second size quoted will usually be height.

  • One inch = 25.4 millimetres or 2.54 centimetres. Millimetres can be precisely converted to inches by dividing the number of millimetres by 25.4.
  • Centimetres ("cm") may occasionally be quoted. One centimetre is 10 millimetres or one-tenth of a metre. Centimetres can be precisely converted to inches by dividing the number of centimetres by 2.54.
  • one metre ("m") = 39.3 inches = 1,000 millimetres. Metres can be converted to inches by dividing the number of metres by 0.0254.
Media (e.g., oil on canvas) are described in good faith as the artist describes them to us.
  • Framed original pictures: the quoted size normally includes the frame
  • Unframed original pictures
    1. unless described as "image size", the quoted size will be from one edge of the picture surface to the opposite edge to give you the two main dimensions of the object; so if the picture wraps around the canvas the wrapped edges are not included in this measurement.
    2. but if described as "image size", the quoted size will include all of the visible image, even if wrapped around the sides or back of the picture.
  • Prints
    1. unmounted prints (usually described as "print only"): the quoted size will be from one edge of the IMAGE to the opposite edge, excluding any blank border around the image; this is because that is how you would probably measure it when considering framing the picture.
    2. mounted prints: the quoted size will be from one edge of the IMAGE within the mount to the opposite edge, excluding the mount itself; this is because the mount could be changed to a different size.
  • Sculptures, plates, models and other works: measured to give the best approximation of the size in three dimensions.
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