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1 x Winter Solstice
1 x HMS Buzzard engaging Spanish slave ship El Formidable
1 x Channel Fleet 1898
1 x Web Seascape
1 x Sunfowers
1 x London Class Battleship believed to be HMS Prince of Wales
1 x Everyday Ghosts on a Windy Day
1 x Solent Shingle
2 x Arch and Benches - PRINT
1 x Fleet of Ironclads at Portland
1 x Entrance to Portsmouth Harbour - FRAMED
1 x The Late Portland Legion of Volunteers
2 x The Last Moments of the Mary Rose - POSTER inc INSURED SHIPPING TO USA
1 x The Fourth of June on the Thames at Windsor Castle
1 x Jolie Brise Winner of the First Fastnet Race, 1925
1 x Beaulieu Village
1 x Agamemnon Opens Fire on the Ca Ira, 13th March 1795
1 x Borealis
1 x Arctic Convoy 1941-5
1 x Bad Fairy 4
1 x HMS Pearl capturing l'Esperance, 1780
1 x Invincible from Victory
1 x Allied Ships at Balaklava, Crimean War
1 x Hebridean Flight
1 x Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson
1 x Badges of The Royal Navy 1935
1 x Life in the Old Dog Yet
1 x Merman Deckchair
1 x Plants Used as Food 3
1 x The Smithfields Martyrs Memorial Church
1 x Monody on the Death of Nelson
1 x Napoleon Bonaparte Overlooking the Field of Waterloo - ORIGINAL
1 x Historic Tudor Football Painting – April 1, 1545
1 x Historic Tudor Football Poster – April 1, 1545
1 x The Embarkation of Henry VIII at Dover - PRINT
1 x The Last Moments of the Mary Rose at the Battle of the Solent - POSTER
1 x Three Fishes
1 x Nantucket Morning
z] The Harbour
z] The Harbour