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4 x Silver from the Museum of Ireland
1 x Still Life With Silverware
3 x Bosun's Call
2 x Still Life With Tray
2 x Twisting
4 x Gold from the Museum of Ireland
4 x Still Life With Tray & Still Life With Silverware - Pair
2 x Beaulieu Village
2 x The Last Moments of the Mary Rose - POSTER inc INSURED SHIPPING TO USA
1 x The Fourth of June on the Thames at Windsor Castle
3 x Bike Reflection
1 x . Cowes Week Second Prize
1 x ABN AMRO 2 Sails Out at the Start of Leg 7 - Volvo Ocean Race, Hurst Narrows
1 x A World of Their Own 2
2 x A Hard Beat Home
5 x Tyres in Ice
1 x 1935 Fleet Review Illustrated London News
2 x At Low Water
3 x Stainless Steel Rose in a Vase of Oil
1 x Breakfast
2 x Unconquerable
1 x Tower House and the Round Tower
1 x Camelias and Red Jug
1 x Bad Fairy 3
1 x A Man of Many Talent
2 x Seascape
2 x A View of London Bridge and Custom House
1 x Merman Deckchair
2 x Dreadnoughts - PRINT
1 x Jolie Brise Winner of the First Fastnet Race, 1925
2 x Algae or Marine Plants
3 x Still Life HMS Warrior's Wardroom
2 x Calm
1 x Bad Fairy 4
1 x Tulips and Some Lilies
1 x Anvil Point Light
1 x Spring Light
1 x Afternoon Arrival Gloucester
2 x "V" 1805 - ORIGINAL
1 x Bruno Teddy Bear in HELLO SAILOR T-shirt
1 x Gryt Seal
1 x But Who Could Refuse
2 x Canes
1 x Adriatic Harbour Slovenie
1 x Anvil Point to St Aldhelms
3 x Calla Lilies I
1 x Hound Penguins
1 x Arch and Benches - PRINT
2 x Atlantic Horizon from Fanad Head, County Donegal
1 x Blue Iris
1 x Classic Malt Cruise, Oban
2 x Mermaid Deckchair
1 x Red Anemones
1 x Boat 2
1 x Southsea Castle Lighthouse Study 2: The Pompey Dog Walkers
2 x St Andrews Penguins 2
1 x [PARRY] Reef
3 x Bad Fairy 2
1 x Classic J-Class - Set of 4
1 x A Good Surfing Beach
1 x End at Kedpt
1 x . Art Deco Small
1 x Bathroom - ORIGINAL
1 x La Dordogne
1 x Five Fishes
1 x Blue Mountain
1 x Fantail
1 x Beach Survey Hell!
1 x Britannia, Shamrock and Cambria in the Solent
1 x Landing
1 x Between Two Half Truths
1 x Sir Francis Drake
1 x Bad Fairy 1
1 x Stern Windows of HMS Victory [by Peter Hill] - PRINT
1 x Brazilian Forest
1 x RMS Mauretania Arriving at Liverpool
1 x Agamemnon Opens Fire on the Ca Ira, 13th March 1795
1 x Light on the Water
1 x Church of St. Lawrence, Winchester
1 x Listening to the Whisper
1 x A Passing Storm
1 x Arch to Stairway - PRINT
1 x Cardinal
1 x HMS Dreadnought - PRINT
1 x A World of Their Own 1
1 x Chester Teddy Bear in HELLO SAILOR T-shirt
2 x The Late Portland Legion of Volunteers
1 x Sailor's Dream - ORIGINAL
1 x A View of the Town and Harbour of Portsmouth
1 x . 6 Metre World Championships, Concours d'Elegance - Winners Trophy 2007
1 x 3 Panel Silk Screen
1 x Classic Malt Cruise, Tobermory
1 x Poppy Delight
1 x One Minute to the Start: J-Class at Cowes
1 x 212
1 x Camber Dock and Spinnaker
1 x Explosion and Fracture of Boom
1 x Bridge Tavern
1 x Near Liphook
1 x Turtle
1 x Cacti
1 x Brixham Blue
1 x Camber Dock and Fishing Boat
1 x "V" 1805 - PRINT
1 x US Frigate Congress on the California Coast
1 x Entrance to Portsmouth Harbour
1 x Beach Babes, Worthing
1 x Early Spring Roses
1 x Long After
1 x Winter Racing 2
1 x Ringwood
1 x Kara Kara
1 x Neutral Swell
1 x _ Bentley Le Mans
1 x Monument aux Morts
1 x Wooden Railings - PRINT
1 x Voice from the Mountain
1 x Southsea Castle Lighthouse Study 3
1 x Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson